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Removing any brain tumors is a delicate process, but tumors deep inside the brain present a particularly challenging problem for neurosurgeons. However, the team at Endeavor Health Neurosciences Institute’s Advanced Neurosciences Center has engineered an innovative process that enables the safe removal of these deep-set masses. We perform minimally invasive trans-sulcal port brain surgery for the best chances of success, less hospital time, and less discomfort.

Any patient who hears that brain surgery is their recommended treatment is sure to feel some level of anxiety. Our team is here to provide skillful, leading-edge, and compassionate care, so you be confident in your treatment and can focus on recovering. 

What is minimally invasive trans-sulcal port brain surgery?

This groundbreaking technique allows surgeons to go between the folds of the brain called the sulci, rather than through the substance of the brain known as the cortex. This process helps preserve healthy brain tissue that surrounds the tumor and allows vital brain functions to operate as normal. 

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How is this surgery performed?

This procedure is performed through radial trans-sulcal corridor access. Navigating these brain fold corridors requires an incredibly high level of precision, but with the help of new and state-of-the-art technology, surgeons can tackle some of the most challenging cases. This technology includes: 

At the Advanced Neurosciences Center, we use technology that creates a complete 3D personalized map of your brain. Using this imagery allows our surgeons to plan how to best approach a tumor’s removal.

This innovative visualization tool has an integrated navigation system that’s based upon a patient’s specific brain mapping. 

This device allows surgeons to operate through narrow corridors and in tight spaces to remove large tumors with precision, leaving important brain structures intact. 

With this technology, surgeons can see a real-time display of the brain’s anatomical structures and the tumor’s borders in relation to the skull and brain. The result is a shorter surgical operation time, which reduces blood loss and minimizes trauma. 

Is this treatment safe and effective?

Studies have found minimally invasive trans-sulcal port brain surgery to be a safe and effective treatment for deep-seated brain tumors. It greatly reduces the risk of brain injury, and tumors are typically removed with minimal issues.

Because this treatment removes the tumor, it allows the tumor to be studied. This helps the neurosciences team determine what kind and grade of tumor it is. This knowledge enables them to tailor any follow up therapies you may need specifically to you.

Is minimally invasive trans-sulcal port brain surgery right for you?

If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with a deep-seated brain tumor, the team of specialists at the Advanced Neurosciences Center aims to provide the best innovative and compassionate care. We will discuss all the treatment options available and determine what would work best for you. If surgery is needed, know that you are in expert hands. The team at the Advanced Neurosciences Center not only performs minimally invasive trans-sulcal port brain surgery, but we also engineered it and perfected it. We’ve got you. 

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