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The brain is a complex network of blood vessels, nerves, and tissue—a matrix of delicate fibers that together are responsible for your body’s every function. So, it’s no surprise that surgical procedures on the deep recesses of the brain to remove a tumor or clot can be highly challenging and consequential. But technological advances, including exoscopic robotic visualization, have made these procedures much safer and more precise than ever before.

Innovations in next-generation robotic exoscopes allow neurosurgeons to navigate the fragile structures of the brain for optimal outcomes—allowing patients with the most complex diagnoses a better chance of returning to the life they love. The team at Endeavor Health Neurosciences Institute’s Advanced Neurosciences Center has developed these technologies. 

What is exoscopic robotic visualization?

Doctors work together during neurosurgery

Exoscopes are specialized, high-definition digital cameras that deliver intense light in the deepest areas of the brain, where extremely precise surgical procedures occur. It allows the surgeon to see critical structures and shows the differentiation between types of tissue.

Exoscopic robotic visualization is one of the most advanced and innovative tools surgeons can use to assist with complex neurosurgical procedures. With exoscopic robotic visualization, an advanced optical system (exoscope) is mounted on a next-generation robotic arm to create an enhanced, tissue-specific picture. The system adjusts the light spectrum based on the type of tissue that is being visualized.

The robotic arm is controlled by voice commands and directed by a GPS based on the patient’s individualized brain mapping.

The Advanced Neurosciences Center’s very own Dr. Amin Kassam developed the use of this technology. 

What are the benefits of exoscopic robotic visualization?

This next-generation robotic exoscope technology allows neuroscientists to get a better picture when performing deep-seated brain procedures, improving accuracy and precision. Surgeons are better able to avoid delicate areas of the brain while targeting problem areas, preserving brain function and increasing likelihood of success. This incredible innovation allows for less invasive procedures and increases the likelihood of a better recovery.

At the Advanced Neurosciences Center, our team continues to create the most innovative tools and technologies with the goal of promoting positive outcomes in even the most challenging cases. If your treatment plan includes brain surgery, you are likely overwhelmed and frightened. With our globally renowned team and extraordinary experience with the most advanced technology, you are in expert hands during this crucial time. Whatever your care plan entails, the team at the Advanced Neurosciences Center will be there for you through every step of your treatment and recovery. 

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