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The brain is the body’s most vital organ, responsible for your every feeling and function. It’s also one of the most fragile. That means any surgical procedure done on or around the brain requires surgeons to work with tremendous precision and attention, tailored to an individual’s brain anatomy. The procedure of brain mapping allows neurosurgeons to do just that. At Endeavor Health Neurosciences Institute’s Advanced Neurosciences Center, we have helped develop brain mapping technology, enabling us to create a personalized plan and for every patient—so each surgery we perform is safer and more precise. 

What is brain mapping?

Brain mapping, or 3D tractography, is a tool that allows neuroscientists to create a personalized and complete 3D model of the brain white matter, which is essential to brain health. It identifies areas of the brain that control vital functions and can help neurosurgeons determine the exact location of an abnormality in the brain. The procedure of brain mapping helps neurosurgeons perform surgery with less risk of damaging healthy brain tissue. 

How is brain mapping performed?

Brain mapping can be done with various methods, but all are noninvasive. Our approach generally starts with physicians collecting data via specialized magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
Using machine-learning software, our own Dr. Amin Kassam and his technology partners have developed the unique brain-mapping technology used at the Advanced Neurosciences Center. Before any brain surgery, each patient has their own personalized map built for the procedure. Our dedicated neuroradiologist, one of the world’s leading experts in this technology, creates an individualized plan from this data. 

How does brain mapping help treatments and outcomes?

The information obtained from brain mapping allows neuroscientists to create personalized treatment programs for each specific condition and brain structure. It has the following benefits for patients undergoing brain surgery:

  • Less risk to healthy tissue
  • Reduced risk of brain damage or other adverse outcomes
  • Shorter operation times
  • Shorter recovery times

Brain mapping allows us to alleviate your symptoms or resolve your condition while working to preserve everything else that makes you.

The innovative tools like brain mapping allow the team at the Advanced Neurosciences Center to provide the most state-of-the-art, tailored treatment plans and minimally invasive surgical options for each patient. We aim to offer the most advanced, least invasive solutions, in order to promote more favorable outcomes. Brain mapping is one of those solutions. If your treatment plan includes brain surgery, you’re likely frightened and overwhelmed. But know that our commitment to providing custom and innovative care means you are in good hands. We’ve got you.

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